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 Rosalie Naomi Santerino

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Rosalie Naomi Santerino

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PostSubject: Rosalie Naomi Santerino   Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:59 am



Hair Color: naturally Brown but she dyes it sometimes.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Texture: long, glossy and with a slight wave
Body Type: athletic but distinctly feminine
Height: 5ft 7"


Rosalie insults people as a sign of affection – though she tends to reserve that for her close friends. She loves to argue (not fight) and also loves to be right about things, though she can see when she is wrong that does not mean she will admit it. She is not warm and affectionate by nature. She is sarcastic, witty, unsubtle and fond of irony. She never sugar coats bad news and is brutally honest at all times. She never feels the need to hide her emotions and she while she is remarkably perceptive and can often tell what other people are feeling that does not mean it will bother her. She loves present giving holidays - because she loves receiving presents - though she does not often show enthusiasm. She would stand up for her friends, and she is loyal, but at the same time she has a fondness for material things that can occasionally get in the way of life.

Rosalie has the latest things not because they are the latest things but because she wants them. She knows a lot of completely random facts that no-one needs to know but she likes to share them anyway. She has an excellent memory and if you ask her about anything then she will likely be able to tell you the answer. Her friends generally refer to her as a walking encyclopaedia. Rosalie is highly selective about her friends and a lot of time chooses to be alone – because she would rather had no company than company of people that annoy her, or she hates. Remaining in the shadows and spending her time with her select friends and her instruments. Rosalie can also be a perfectionist and if she see's a mistake in anything - from a sign to someone else's work - then she has to correct it.

Rosalie loves to shop, and her motorbike was just one of her big splurges. She felt she was trapped growing up – being someone she was not – and now she can be truly herself. So she will act as herself and not care what other people think about her. As long as she has her motorbike, her credit card, and her pass to the VIP lounge then she is happy. Though she is not completely shallow, she does not judge people based on appearance, but she does chose to bond with people who do the same kind of things she does. Even if occasionally she is attracted to an opposite. She believes her personality is defined by herself but her social life (if she even has one) is defined by her credit card. She does not do things she is told to do, and she would never do something just because other people were doing it.

Likes: Cello, Guitar, keyboard, Composing, Cooking, spending money and mash potato.
Dislikes: early mornings, the heat, big brother, pink and confinement.
Strengths: her memory, her perceptiveness and her smarts.
Weaknesses: her brutal honesty, her habit of insulting people and her love of food and spending money!


Rosalie was born to a single mother who barely noticed her daughter. Rose therefore practically bought herself up. She soon discovered her musical gift when she saved up her weekend money, working as a waitress, to buy herself her very own cello. She has given up trying to earn her mothers approval and was thrilled when she got an interview and then offered a place at Stellar because it meant getting away from home and finally escaping to a place where she could hone her gift and be free.

Just before Rosalie left to go to Stellar, her mother re-married - though technically it would be her first marriage because she never actually married Rosalie's father - Mr Santerino, a man who owned a successful hotel and casino chain with branches all over the world. He was incredibly rich and he decided the way to persuade his new step-daughter to like him was to provide her with anything she could ever want ever. Rosalie took to having money, and becoming one of the elite, like a duck too water. She believed something had been missing from her life and now with credit card in hand and motorbike by her side her life is complete. She does not see it as being a sell out because her personality has not changed she has just found a part of herself that was always there but had not been released.

Rosalie had two best friends growing up. Aaron and Jake. They were the only friends she wanted and she was happy enough not to make any new ones. But Aaron was a couple of years older than her and having graduated Stellar he went of to become partners in a private investigation firm. Jake on the other hand, Rosalie did not hear from since she left to go to Stellar and she did not know what happened to him as he was left behind. She has however heard rumours that he has come to Stellar too.


Mother: Lilly Santerino.
Father: (Step) Mr Alistair Santerino
Siblings: Jake and Aaron was close enough.
Other: ---


Friends: Aaron and Jake
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: not yet
Enemies: she is good at making them

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Rosalie Naomi Santerino

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