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 Rhiannon Louie Flynn

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Rhiannon Flynn
Student Body President
Student Body President

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PostSubject: Rhiannon Louie Flynn   Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:45 am

Rhiannon Louie Flynn
Musician (Rocker and Singer)


Hair Color:Chocolate Brown. It looks black at times.
[b]Eye Color:Ebony Black
[b]Hair Texture:
Soft, Silky, Straight
Body Type: Normal
Height: 5'8"


Rhiannon Flynn in three words. Simple, straigntforward, determined. Mess with her and you wish you were never born. Love her and you'll never want to leave her.

Her tough childhood does not hinder Rhi to be happy in her life. She has an average personality and does what she should at the perfect time.No, she's not a robot. She has a goofy side that she only shows to the persons she has trusted whole-heartedly. But she mostly shows her busy and serious side.

Getting to break the wall is the hard part. She shielded herself so much that she pushes other people away- for their sake not for hers.At first, she will read you and what you are. Then she'll put you to a test of trust. You could say she is a very particular person but after passing the obstacles she made, the award is so worth it. Adding it up, she thinks before she acts to avoid the pain she experienced in her past.

Likes: She likes the simple soft, ice-cold feeling of vanilla ice cream on her mouth, rock music, track and field, other languages and adventure.

Dislikes: Hates sweets, snakes and getting grounded

Strengths: She has the knowledge, ability and skill to live by herself. She also understands other people mischeif and listens to their problems. Once you're friends with her you'll never want to let her go.

Weaknesses: She has a great heart but does not show it. You have to know her first before you should judge her. She is not friendly with strangers and it takes a long time for her to earn your trust. And she wears a strong face just to hide the sadness kept inside. Also, she might be a bit bossy being the president of the student body.


Rhiannon Flynn isn't just any ordinary girl.

Her parents were gone- practically, vanished into thin air. No one knows why or what happened or where they are. They just disappeared.And she was left all alone at the age of five.The next few years of her childhood was spent in shoplifting and stealing. You see, having no parents to be there when you need them or siblings to comfort you, has its perks.You get to live your life with no boundaries. It becomes a field of endless wonders and goals for you to conquer and devour. Still, a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do just to survive- no matter how vile or illegit it is. Fate, wicked as it is, gave her an opportunity of a life time to live her dream and share her talent to the world.She was 8 years old, playing a worn out guitar with three strings left. Probably symbolizing the next three days of its existence.At that exact moment, a stranger who from time to time gave her food and money asked her to come with him. And as a silly kid with fiery passion and an ignorance of reality, she abruptly said no.Day after day, the man asked her the same question and she repeated the same answer.
At the brink of the man's spark of hope, she considered it and finally, said yes.

She was an orphan. But let's skip from the sad story of little Rhi to the amazing rockstar life she now lives.

Rhi's life flipped inside out. She began to take trust on people, starting with her foster father and her foster brother.She was treated as their own in her new family.School was an interest of hers. After a few months of advanced study, she was able to catch up and study in an elite all girl's school headed by a congregation of nuns.At first she was an outcast. Haunted by her hideous past, the little girls were too scared that a delinquent was with them. But little by little, she was acknowledged, befriended and loved.Elementary years passed by in a blur and next thing you know, she is in the school of arts that they owned. She learned a lot of stuff and got inspired each day.In the summer of her sophpomore year, she was offered a label and there she made her mark. She became a famous rockstar all around the world in a span of 2 months!
She was awed and praised wherever she went and in every step of the way, she got more and more inspired and sadly, more and more suffocated with the big events and heavy responsibilities she had to take.

Now she's on a break and she is ready to rock the school out.


Mother: Victoria Flynn - deceased (?)
[b]Father: Richard Flynn - deceased (?) ; Charles Dean Hunter - deceased
[b]Siblings: Ashton Hunter


[b]Friends: none so far
[b]Boyfriend: she's not planning to have one but let's see what happens
[b]Enemies: none so far

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Rhiannon Louie Flynn

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