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So guys! After the Valentine's Day Competition, there is a new bonding activity on the forum.CAMP!

There are going to be lots of In Character Competitions and lessons in humility for all of you distinguished performers! So get started on posting in your camp because I cannot guarantee the type of bunks late comers get. Or the punishment!.
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 Christa Gabriella Martinez

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Christa Martinez

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PostSubject: Christa Gabriella Martinez   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:10 pm

Christa Gabriella Martinez


Hair Color: Black with brown highlights, turns shiny in the sun.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Texture: Curly, that goes past her shoulders.
Body Type: Body of a dancer.
Height: 5'3"
Other: Tan skin, high cheekbones, and a tattoo of the symbol 'Om' on the back of her hands.


Everyone has either one of the two opinions about Christa: 'she's the sweetest person that I've ever met' or 'she's a total bitch and I hate her.' Christa can be super sweet and kind when she likes the person. If a person crosses the line with her, she becomes icy and mean.

People who get on her good side, see her as a talented and amazing person who they all love. She will stand up for her friends, family, and the people she loves. She can be very oblivious when it comes to mostly everything and people have to explain what they mean.

Likes: The ocean, music, singing, dancing, sleeping in, swimming, and yoga.
Dislikes: Spiders, waking up early, morning time, bugs, and her enemies.
Strengths: She can take control of a room when needed. She has natural leadership skills and she's an amazing musician.
Weaknesses: She spaces out a lot, always thinking of music, which gets her in trouble sometimes. She also trusts the people she likes too easily. She tries to hide everything she feels inside because she hates people looking at her as weak.


Christa came from a family high up in the music business. When she was 5, she started taking lessons with different music instructors and from then on, she fell in love with every single instrument. 'Every instrument has it's own unique sound that makes it so beautiful.' she says. Music is her passion, whether it's singing or just instrumental. Many people have offered her a record deal and some she's taken, some she's declined.

Music whisked her away to a different world and she completely forgot about her troubles. One summer night, when her parents threw a party, scouts from all over attended the party knowing that the Arroyo's daughter was a talent that schools wanted. Stellar Scouts attended as well, and when she played at the party, the scouts pulled her and her parents away from the party for a while, saying that they would like for her to attend Stellar Academy. Christa gladly accepted and has been going to the school since 15.


Mother: Emily Arroyo
Father: Jay Arroyo
Siblings: Vanessa Arroyo
Other: --


Friends: People who love her because she's really sweet and nice.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
Enemies: People who see her as a bitch and hate her.

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Christa Gabriella Martinez

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