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 Barnaby Chatangoe

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Barnaby Chatangoe

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PostSubject: Barnaby Chatangoe   Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:53 am



Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Texture: shortish and messy
Body Type: muscular and athletic
Height: tallish
Other: He has a tattoo of the words 'let it be' across his lower back.


Barnaby can hold grudges, and bear resentments, for an record length of time. He has a quick temper, a highly sarcastic attitude, and is easy to judge. However he does like to have fun and has a fearless desire to constantly push his body to the limits and put himself at risk in some way shape or form. He is an adrenalin junky who loves to be outside and using his hands and not stuck inside studying. Despite his attitude towards strangers, and his temper, he is a social person and loves spending time with his friends. He plays the cello, dances and loves to cook.

Barnaby likes to break the rules, and hates being told what to do. His emotions change as quickly as the wind and he can go from moody to hyper in mere moments. He likes to talk and could do so for hours. He does not let himself get pushed around but sometimes can say no to things just for the sake of it. Adventure, or dare, wise however he is always up for anything. He likes to try new experiences and do new things. He also loves cars and mechanics and figuring out how things work. His room is, and always will be, a complete tip as he rarely bothers to tidy (note it is not dirty just messy.)

Likes: cooking, dancing, breaking the rules, adrenalin and taking risks.
Dislikes: being confined, being told what to do, excessive tidiness, spending too much time indoors and bullies.
Strengths: he can cook, he can dance and he is fearless in a lot of ways.
Weaknesses: He can be judgemental, he has a quick temper and he can be reckless.


Mrs Eliot Chatangoe is a stay at home mother who adores her son but likes the bottle a little bit more. She was in some varying degree of tipsy or drunk for pretty much the whole of Barnaby's childhood starting with when she chose his name. She is an excitable women who insists on showering him with pet names and has no sense of when she is being an embarrassment, not just to him but in general, and is always kissing his cheek or trying to hug him in public and then bursting into tears when he avoids it. She was the one who forced her son to take dance - which he later discovered he liked - and if he was not getting bullied enough for that, and his name, she forced him to take cello lessons and to take baking lessons.

Mr Robbie Chatangoe is completely submissive. He obeys his wife completely and utterly and goes with everything she wants to do. He is quiet and shy and rarely speaks when he is at home. He works as a dance teacher at the local dance studio and while he is good at it he is always looking for new careers chances. He would do anything for his son and takes all the resentment and abuse Barnaby offers his parents without complaint. He would never mention to his wife her drinking problem, and half the time he joins, as he would rather be drunk with her than suffering through her drunk whilst sober.

Barnaby resented his parents for the way they bought him up. Especially considering how much he was teased at school. He hated the way his mother embarrassed him, the way she ordered him around and forced him into things, and the way she drinks. She is responsible, or so he states, for most of his character flaws like his desire to break the rules. He escaped the house as often as possible going to see his friend Charles, as the other boy was often home alone, despite the fact they were complete opposites.


Mother: Mrs Elliot Chatangoe
Father: Mr Robert Chatangoe


Friends: Charles Drew
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: -
Enemies: -

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Barnaby Chatangoe

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