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 Zachary Chase

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Zachary Chase

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PostSubject: Zachary Chase   Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:04 pm

Zachary Chase
Soccer Player (Striker/Forward)


Hair Color: Deep brown, almost black
Eye Color: Light blue, nearly gray
Hair Texture: Bed messy hair in stylish way
Body Type: Muscled pectoral and abs
Height: 6 feet
Other: Olive skin, he has a scar on his cheek that looked like a dimple, angular face and lovable blush


Zac is a sweet guy and the kind of innocent boy who always comply every rules. He's so naive because he was sheltered during his childhood. He's also really stubborn and won't back down on a challenge even if it means he has to do something reckless or completely stupid.

He's quite blunt when he speaks, even hotheaded sometimes. But he's a closeted guy who doesn't like to talk about himself. He's easily embarrassed and selfless.

He acts insensitive but actually sentimental on the inside. He feels insecure all the rime because of his secrets and he's good at keeping them. It makes him over possessive to what belongs to him. He's really oblivious to the things around him when it come to himself but smart enough to analyze other situation.

Likes: Being a soccer player means he need to love it too. He also listen to almost every kind of music except loud ones. He has the hobby to travel around the town with his favorite car. He's in love with anything that socialized with history or ancient old things, like old architecture, painting, folklore and many more. He likes playing games and aren't afraid getting dirty.

Dislikes: He's allergic to roses. Doesn't like sweets very much, would prefer something sugarless. He avoids being in the crowd unless it's necessary. He doesn't get along well with overly excited people. He hates liars, bright colors, insects and dancing.

Strengths: He's strong and even more when he's under pressure. He has sculptured body and noticeable French accent. He's good at keeping secrets. He excelled in any kind of sports.

Weaknesses: He can't lie and is easy to get pissed or mad. He can't hide his emotion very well. He's too blunt that he could careless on what he said would affect on people. He's shy to strangers.


Zac was raised in a dignified family that are very strict based on old fashioned culture. He's very grounded until he stepped up the juvenile stage. Being a naive and mom little boy, he's already used attending formal parties, high class society, and spotlight since childhood. His father is a famous producer in Hollywood and his mother is a well known publicist. But Zac was just an adopted child and no one knows about it except his family. All of his older step siblings are either an actor or model, continuing their parent footsteps. But Zac's acting was shitty and he isn't like his other siblings who knows anything about Hollywood, he's flighty and the perpetually kind of guy who ready to get down on action instead, so he just continued playing soccer. He get along very well though with his family and they weren't the snobish type, just very critic.

Zac also has a younger step sister that suicidal and insane. His family had been keeping her lock up from the media, she was sent back to their hometown in France while they stayed at New York -which made Zac angry at them. He was the only person in the house who can comfort her. She inevitably grew attached to him. But when Zac became even busier with school and club practice, he also got sent to LA which provide better place and coaches for him to train his talent, he had to left her alone in French and turned out she refused to eat or do anything. She eventually suicide when no maids around. Zac blamed himself for this.

He worked harder in soccer and won severel MVPs through his soccer games at school and clubs. He was recruited later to Stellar when the team won their first national championship. Now he's aiming to get into FIFA-U17 World Cup.


Step-Mother: Audrey Chase
Step-Father: Gaspard Chase
Step-Siblings: Ethan Chase, Isabella Chase and Ellie Chase (dead)
Other: --


Friends: Reed Cross
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
Enemies: None at the moment

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Zachary Chase

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