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 Emily Alexa Rose Thornton

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Emily Alexa Rose Thornton

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PostSubject: Emily Alexa Rose Thornton   Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:02 pm



Hair Color: light blonde
Eye Color: greeny blue
Hair Texture: long, almost waist length, with a wave running through it
Body Type: petite, and just about feminine
Height: shortish
Other: she has her ears pierced and a scar on her shoulder from a fall when she was younger.


Emily is a sweet and gentle girl with a rather exotic nature and a love of all things beautiful. She is in her own little world most of the time, good humoured and nice natured, but she will stand up for what she believes in. She is a hopeless romantic who adores fantasy and believing in what you cannot see. She loves acting, and modelling, because she finds no greater pleasure in getting to pretend to be all these different people, to live in these different worlds, and be a part of whole new stories.

Her imagination can sometimes get her into trouble as Emily gets distracted from her task, or forgets what she is doing, when she gets lost in her own little world. She also does not make friends easily because people consider her strange even though she is warm and welcoming to everyone. She is artistic and creative by nature and is a very good secret keeper. If you tell her something she wont tell anyone else no matter what. However sometimes she can take instructions far too literally, and if told to stay somewhere and not move she will do exactly that no matter what.

She loves being complimented and appreciates beauty and goodness in everything and everyone to an almost naive extent. At the same time she can be judgemental of things that are not pretty or meet her standards. She drifts around life in a little hopeful happy bubble correcting what she believes to be wrong, and generally singing or talking to herself or her pets. Not caring what other people think. She hates arguments and if someone shouts at her she tends to cry. She also has a problem with dis-obeying authority figures to there face and if she wants to stand up for herself she will do so - but she might cry later about it.

Likes: beauty, romance, her imagination, the outdoors and home-made jewellery.
Dislikes: shouting, arguments, ugly things, imperfections and disobeying authority figures.
Strengths: her imagination, her loyalty, her incredible flexiblity and her modelling
Weaknesses: her over dramatic side, her overly emotional side and her childlike innocence.


Emily was born the youngest child of Irish travelling gypsies and spent most of her childhood travelling the country in a horse drawn caravan. Her mother baked and sold pottery from the caravan and her father got various jobs working with animals where ever they stayed for any length of time. She was glad to have six older brothers and sisters because making friends was even more difficult when they never stayed anywhere long. She used to practise acting in small plays that she wrote herself.

Then just before her fourteenth birthday her parents decided to settle down and let there children attend a real school for a few years - they had been previously home schooled - while there father was recovering from a broken leg. It was during this time that she applied for her first commercial and she was told what a beautiful model she would make. Her talent had been discovered though and she was offered a scholarship to Stellar. At first she did not want to go as she was finally settled, making friends ... etc. But as is usual with her, her dreams had to come first, and so she did.

But Emily had another talent, which was more important to her than modelling, and that was the fact she was born with hyper flexibility. Whilst the average person scored a five on the flexibility scale Emily scored a 15. Her parents forbid her from doing gymnastics or anything to improve her flexibility because they were worried people might use it to exploit her. But Emily snuck out into the fields behind the caravan and spent the night improving and honing her skills. She wanted to be able to use her flexibility as much as she used her pretty face, one day.


Mother: Mrs Rain Thornton
Father: Mr Earth Thornton
Siblings: Anya, Marie, Genevieve, Robbie, Lucas and Alicia Thornton


Friends: -
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: -
Enemies: -

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Emily Alexa Rose Thornton

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