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 Charles Drew

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Charles Drew

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PostSubject: Charles Drew   Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:15 am



Hair Color: Dark brown pretty much black
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Texture: short and spiky
Body Type: muscular - athletic
Height: tallish
Other: He has one ear pierced but keeps the earring out whilst at school and puts it in for parties.


Charles is overly competitive. He always wants to be the best and he loves winning. But he also has a very strong sense of fair play. Sticking to his own black and white moral code and giving no leeway either side. He is loyal and trustworthy and can be a great friend if you can get past the fact he is compulsively clean, extra neat, and obsessed with winning and obeying the rules. He hates anything that he sees as pointless, or playing games just for the fun of it, you play to win and that is it. He is a sweetheart deep down but some people do not see that because his habits can seem strange. Especially since his version of clean goes even past hospital clean.

Charles hates change. He loves his routine, and the way it is meant to work. He feels time is important and does not like things that waste his. He likes to spend money, and he believes in working hard, and always believing in yourself because no-one else is going to. He is a picky perfectionist and is prone to panic attacks if anything in his room is changed or moved without his permission. He is very much a boy of habit and you can tell where he is or what he is going to be doing most of the time because he does the same thing every day. He loves lists and written instructions, and is always writing himself notes and lists about everything. He also loves trains.

Likes: spending money, routine, writing notes, receiving posts, making lists and everything being clean and tidy.
Dislikes: change, loosing, messiness, wasting time and pointlessness.
Strengths: his ambition, his tidiness and his gymnastics
Weaknesses: his obsession over cleanliness, his over competitive streak and his hatred of change.


Mr and Mrs Drew are co-owners of Drew industry's. They are obsessive workaholic parents who whilst adoring there son rarely had time for anything except work. Even of family vacations his parents both spent all there time on the phone or there laptops doing work. They do not approve of time wasted, and are determined that there son would grow up to be the best. Mr Drew spoiled his son with any toy he could possibly want growing up and was then gutted when his son wanted to go into gymnastics instead of the business world. Getting over his heart-ache he then proceeded to make sure that his son still be the best, because he was determined that any son of his was going to be a house hold name one day.

Mrs Drew also spoiled her son with gifts and promises of affection. But she let him down countless time by dumping him with his cousins to be looked after all day every day whilst she worked all the time. The only day she ever took off work was his birthday once a year where she would come home to organise a lavish affair worthy of her son. She does not approve of the gymnastics dream and believes that it is simply a phase which Charles will grow out of and then realise he belongs in the business world has heir to the company.


Mother: Mrs Celia Drew
Father: Mr Edward George Drew
Other: Mr Tony Rent (uncle) and Anthony Rent (cousin.)


Friends: Barnaby Chatangoe
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none
Enemies: none

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Charles Drew

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